Tulsa is the home town of many famous people from different walks of life.


1) Charles Bell
Charles Bell was an artist who is famous for photorealism and has created many still images that are featured in museums around the world.

2) Joe Andoe
Joe Andoe is a very famous painter. His paintings have been displayed in prominent art museums.


1) Frank Abagnale
Abagnale was a famous con artist and the subject of the movie "Catch Me If You Can," where his character was played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

2) Bill Bartmann
Bill Bartmann was a famous billionaire who is known for his company " Commercial Financial Services."

3) J Paul Getty
J Paul Getty is known for its establishment of Getty Oil Company and was one of the richest men in history.


1) Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks is a singer that is renowned for combining elements of pop and rock in his music. He is a country singer with many chartbusters to his name and has sold the second most music albums in history, behind only the Beatles.  

2) J.J Cale
J.J Cale was a renowned musician. He mainly sings and plays guitar. He is also regarded as a motivation for many artists and live performers.

3) Ester Dean
Ester Dean is a singer, songwriter alongside a music producer. She is mainly famous for producing hip-hop, R&B genre music.


1) Bill Goldberg
Bill Goldberg is a professional wrestler and an ex-football player. He is highly renowned for his association with WWE.

2) Anthony Bowie
Anthony Bowie is a famous basketball player who played for many NBA teams.  He is most well known for his time playing with the Orlando Magic.

3) Matt Gogel
Matt Gogel is a famous golfer and has participated in many PGA tours.


1) Shiela James Kuehl
Sheila James Kuehl is a famous politician and actress.

1) Marshall Bell
Marshall Bell is highly renowned for his work in various movies such as Twins, Starship troopers, to name a few.

2) Heather Langenkamp

Heather Langenkamp is a famous actress and makeup artist.

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