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When dealing with mold, you need to make sure the spores are remediated completely, and the first step is with a proper mold inspection. The quick growth and spread of mold can be a challenge, but since we offer the best mold inspection services in Tulsa, we can give an accurate assessment.  Our team knows how mold behaves, and that gives us the knowledge to inspect it completely. We will remove all the elements that promote quick growth of mold, such as humidity, to prevent them from flourishing.

Property Assessment

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Our mold inspection process begins with an assessment of your property. We will send a specialist from our team who has received the proper training and education necessary to identify and assess the mold type as well as the extent of the damage.  He or she will also check the structure of your building.  We will ask you a few questions, such as if you've had any recent water damages, how long the mold has been present, as well as any health effects to your family members, and any family member or pets' sensitivities to mold or other airborne particles. These questions will help us understand the situation better.

Our next step will be to conduct a visual examination of the property to determine where the mold may have started growing. The visual assessment also helps establish the extent of the growth as well as indications of other problems. We will take infrared thermography images during the process. This process may take some time because we check all areas including behind cabinets and the attic. We also measure moisture levels on every surface to ensure it isn't enough to enhance mold growth.

Mold Testing

Our technicians will then conduct mold testing to determine the type of mold. With this, we will recommend the right rectification measures that will eliminate all the mold. We also test the temperatures in different sections of your home to figure out the areas likely to have high humidity rates. Additionally, we check the vents and insulation areas in the property to ensure they are not contributing to the mold growth by creating the right atmosphere. We test the quality of air to ensure there is no contamination.

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Once we are done with all of the tests and have covered the entire property, we will generate a report for you. The report is a description of our findings, which will also be backed up by images. A member of our administration team will follow up on the report and help you proceed accordingly. The administrator will also answer any questions and clarify any part you need help with.

What Equipment Do We Use?

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Our company has the most advanced mold testing equipment to make our work easier and ensure that you get the most accurate findings.

LED FIBER OPTIC SNAKE CAMERAS: these allow us to check very tight spaces that we can't get through, such as behind cabinets and in the vents. The cameras will capture images of the spaces and show us whether there is a presence of mold.

DIGITAL AND IMAGING MOISTURE METERS: these will help us determine the amount of moisture present and whether it is enough for mold to grow.

DIGITAL AIR PARTICLE COUNTERS: this equipment identifies the amount of mold in the vicinity and instantly displays those results. An example is On-Site Lighthouse Indoor Particle Counters that show the amount of air particles that we use to determine contamination level.

LASER THERMOMETERS: these help us determine the areas with high humidity and promote the growth of mold by showing us the areas that are too cold and the hot areas.

DIGITAL AIRFLOW METER: shows the amount of air flowing from the air conditioning unit you have or the vents. It helps us to discover clogs and possible contamination in the property.

DIGITAL PSYCHROMETER: we use this to measure the humidity level to ensure it isn't ideal for mold growth.

LED UV FLASHLIGHT: detects leaks in hidden areas like inside walls and helps prove that mold is present on ceilings, floors, and clothing.

HYDRO SENSOR: maps out moisture in the air. The equipment is essential in finding out areas with water damages.

ATP AND H2O TESTERS: includes ATP Hygiena Luminometer, Total Dissolved Solids tester, and a pH tester that we use to check for the presence of pollutants and other chemicals in drinking water. We only use these when you suspect that your plumbing has issues that can cause contamination of water.

All our equipment is integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity to enhance communication between our specialists. We get real-time information, including images and videos captured, which helps with accurate report generation.

The Inspection Report

A mold inspection report will contain a detailed description of the inspection results. It will also have all the digital and infrared images and the results of all the tests done. Descriptions will accompany the images. The report will show you the extent of the mold growth and the recommended removal processes. We also include tips that can prevent the recurrence of mold growth in the property.

Given the state-of-the-art equipment we have, it doesn't take us long to create the mold inspection report for you. You will get it within 24 to 48 hours after we have completed the inspection, after which another member of our team will follow up to see if you need further assistance. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding the report or the next steps.

Next Steps

After understanding the severity of the report's problems, we can develop a mold remediation plan for your home to restore it to a safe condition. The extent of the remediation will depend on the findings of the mold inspection report. For instance, if blocked vents cause the problem, we would have to improve the insulation first.   We would make sure that water damage or excess moisture has been taken care of, in order to prevent future mold growth.  Learn more about our detailed mold remediation process.

Our company is dedicated to providing the best mold inspection service in Tulsa. We are licensed, insured, and certified, and we have the experience necessary to handle your mold problem. Call us today for a quote!

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