Mold-Producing Spots in Your House

By Mold Specialist

June 21, 2021

You’re undoubtedly aware of mold and the harmful impact it can have on your health at this point. Mold, on the other hand, can be exceedingly cunning. Mold may grow in the strangest of locations since all it requires is moisture and germs to start developing.

Even if you were meticulous about your home’s ventilation and upkeep, you probably didn’t think to examine these precise areas. Include the following spots in your next mold check to avoid more issues:


A coffee machine

The last place you’d look for mold is in your coffee maker, yet it might be filthy than your faucet handle. According to some studies, the water reservoirs of more than half of these machines will contain yeast or mold. To avoid unpleasant morning surprises, make sure to wash and dry each part of your coffee maker before assembling it.



Kitchen and bathroom sinks are frequently used. However, the space under the sink is frequently overlooked. This location, however, is ideal for mold growth because it is dark, warm, and humid due to condensation. Keep an eye on it and wipe it down with a cleaning solution every now and again.


Crawl Rooms

Mold can form in the crawl spaces if the soil under your house has dampness. Furthermore, because you probably don’t visit your crawl spaces very often, mold can easily go undetected.


Toys for Kids

Children, particularly small children, enjoy nibbling on objects. They also enjoy playing in the water and soaking toys in it. Mold can grow on and within toys if they are not properly cleaned and dried before being stored.


Mat for the floor

Every day, a “welcome” mat takes a beating. We wipe our dirty shoes on it, but we hardly think about it. Mold, on the other hand, can swiftly grow due to the dirt and moisture that can gather on it and become trapped beneath it. Regularly rinse your mat and hang it to dry.


Seals for appliances

Mold could be growing in the silicone or rubber seals of your washing machine or refrigerator without you even realizing it. Water and grime can quickly become trapped within.


Cabinet for filing documents

If your home has a lot of humidity or has been damaged by water, the documents in your filing cabinet may become damp and moldy. Mold loves the wood pulp from which the paper is made. Mold cannot be removed from paper. In this scenario, prevention is the best option.


Toothbrush Stand

When you brush your teeth and put your toothbrush back in the container, water slowly drips down and collects at the bottom, providing the ideal environment for mold to grow. As a result, keep it clean and dry at all times.


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